Monday, 5 November 2012

Sofia final: Flopniacki appears again

Nadia Petrova def. Caroline Wozniacki 6-2 6-1

Somebody ought to shut Piotr Wozniacki up. Just when he claimed that Caroline will go back to the old system and she will go back to her winning ways, Caroline suffers a humiliating loss in the final by an aging veteran. All the credit to Petrova for having a late surge at this point of her career. She dominated Caroline from the start with big serves and heavy groundstrokes. Caroline did nothing as usual and tried to draw the errors, which wasn't coming. The Dane needs to see Sharapova as an example, who also had an overbearing father at the earlier stages of her career. However, Maria realised she needed someone with a more professional input and eventually got rid of Yuri Sharapov. Look where Maria is right now and contrast it to Wozniacki. Anyway, Nadia has virtually nothing to defend the beginning of next year and she might very well re-enter the top 10 with a couple of strong results. Well done Nadia!

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