Thursday, 22 August 2013

New Haven SF: Kvitova, the most frustrating player to watch

Simona Halep vs. Caroline Wozniacki

The Simona train just keeps going on and now she will face the resurgent Wozniacki. Caroline's game should be modelled after Simona's one. Instead of being purely defensive, she can incorporate her speed around the court with some aggressiveness at the right time. It's tough to strike the balance but Halep is doing it fantastically. Her recent form leads me to believe she has what it takes to upset the Dane.

Pick: Halep in 3 sets

Klara Zakopalova vs. Petra Kvitova

Kvitova continues to bullshit her way  throughout the tournament. It seems like a straight set match isn't in her dictionary. I'm not sure if she has any coach but losing sets in almost every match would be an obvious sign of lack of concentration wouldn't it? Well, not to Petra as she continues to ignore her obvious problems. Sadly, I believe she will crap her way through another win even though Zakopalova has proven me wrong every single time. It's just antagonizing to see a player like Kvitova not realise her full potential. (She did for a while which is why it's even more frustrating)

Pick: Kvitova in 3 sets


  1. What has Klara done wrong to you?:-P
    You alwys go against her, every single match:-)
    Klara to stop Petra's bullshit in 3 :thumbsup:

  2. oops... petra destroyed her LOL
    anyway, can u believe that klara has never won at the US open? not a single main draw match in her long career!