Thursday, 16 October 2014

Singapore player focus: Simona Halep

Season highlights

Carrying on her momentum from 2013, Simona Halep continued her assault to the top, peaking at number 2 in the middle of the season. The steady Romanian captured her biggest title yet in Doha, and enjoyed a strong clay season, reaching the finals of Roland Garros and Madrid. However, she experienced a dip in form post Winbledon, being ousted early in the American hard court events, ultimately being shocked by over-the-hill veteran Lucic in New York. Are the wheels falling off for Simona? Let's see how she performs here. 

Playing style

Simona Halep doesn't overpower you with her huge serve or ground strokes. Everything she does is well produced but not overwhelming. Covering the court like speedy Gonzalez, Halep is the smart counterpuncher who waits patiently for her chance to strike. Patience is a virtue, but she comes across as too passive sometimes, when her opponent is on song. 

Chances of winning Singapore: 40%

Simona's recent form has cast a dark cloud over her Singapore campaign. She's hardly in any sort of form, and together with Radwanska will be struggling to win matches here. Not too sure what happened to the steady Romanian, but she needs to get her confidence back. When Simona is playing her best tennis, it's a joy to watch her dismantle opponents with bigger weapons. 

Prediction: Round Robin

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