Friday, 12 July 2013

Budapest, Palermo day 6: Destined for an all Italian finals

Budapest SF:

Chanelle Scheepers vs Yvonne Meusburger

Yvonne Meusburger's recent form has been surprising. In fact, I thought she had retired! Out of the blue, she manages to string together decent wins and is now the top ranked Austrian on tour, overtaking Tamira Paszek. Not too sure what happened here, maybe a coaching change, but this spells trouble for Scheepers. Chanelle barely scraped through unknown, Kovinic in her quarters and will be tested more against the veteran. Yvonne might not have the nicest strokes or game, but her work ethic is commendable. Let's hope the fairytale continues for her.

Pick: Meusburger in 3 sets

Simona Halep vs. Alexandra Cadantu

Compared to the other semi-final, this match looks more promising. Cadantu's form this week has been impressive, but is it enough to topple the in form Simona Halep? Halep is just tearing through the field here and it's hard for anyone to stop her. It seems like she will clinch her third title this week. Cadantu needs to attack Simona's vulnerable second serve and dictate points. If she gets into a baseline hassle, Alexandra will lose out.

Pick: Halep in 2 sets

Palermo SF:

Estrella Cabeza Candela vs. Roberta Vinci

I'm sorry, but I've never seen Candela's face or play before today. So I don't know her well enough to comment. Vinci will probably gobble up the Spaniard for breakfast given her experience and in front of the Italian crowd. Estrella should just be glad that she reached the semi-finals.

Pick: Vinci in 2 easy sets

Sara Errani vs. Klara Zakopalova

A huge contrast in styles here as the top spin loving Errani meets the flat hitting Zakopalova. On clay, Sara is just of another league. Klara will have a hard time hitting through her. However, given her nonchalant attitude, this might favour her as she will continue to go for her shots even when she has committed 122134 errors. Klara will put up a good fight, but the consistent Errani will still be too strong for the Czech. An all Italian final is imminent.

Pick: Errani in 3 sets

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